From geese to gulls…


Our projects aim to find out more about
some of our often overlooked species


Monitoring is the foundation of effective conservation. Collecting data on movements, survival and other factors provides conservationists with the information needed to be able to determine the conservation requirements of individual species and populations. Our network of volunteer bird ringers focus on waterbird species.

Study species

Barnacle Goose
There are now over 1,500 colour-marked birds out there ready to have their rings read

Black-headed Gull
Discovering the seasonal movements of wintering birds in North-west England

Canada Goose
A joint project showing the movements of birds moulting at Windermere in Cumbria

Colour-marking in Britain & Ireland to unravel the secret movements of this nomadic species

Our newest study species kicks off on the internationally important Severn Estuary

Greylag Goose
Following the movements of birds caught at moulting sites across the UK

A new study hoping to find out more about this understudied species.

Pink-footed Goose
Coming soon…

A colour-mark study to discover the movements and site fidelity of the species

Whooper Swan
Coming soon…

A joint European study aiming to collect data on one of Europe’s most popular quarry duck species

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