Meet the team

Your sightings are vital to our work and help the projects to come alive.

Behind the scenes there are a team of people helping to ensure all the records are accurately processed, safely stored and available for use

Group and Project Sighting Coordinators

Kane Brides
Coordinates the group’s activities and leads on the sightings databases for Barnacle Geese and Coot

Heather Warrender
As part of her role with BASC, Heather coordinates sightings collected as part of Project Penelope (Wigeon)

Stephen Vickers
The brains behind the automated reporting app, allowing observers to receive instant life histories

Ros Green
Whilst completing her PhD on Shelduck, Ros looks after the project sightings database for the species

Scott Petrek
Oversees the Black-headed Gull database along with managing the website and producing our newsletters

Aurora Gonzalo Tarodo
Coordinating ringers across the UK for a new national colour-marking scheme on the overlooked Moorhen

Jonny Cooper
Looking after sightings from our Canada Goose and Greylag Goose studies

There are many other people working with the group, providing support with a variety of tasks from ringing to data analysis. Some of them are on Twitter, and you can follow their work on the links below.

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