Colour-mark(s) used:

White leg ring, three black characters

letter and/or number combination

Combination of colour rings
Colour rings currently used: orange, yellow, white, dark blue, light blue, green, mauve, pink, red, lime, black

Right: BTO ring
Left: colour, colour, colour

combination of three colours on one leg

Right: colour ring over BTO
Left: colour, colour

combination of two colours and a colour over metal ring

All birds also carry a BTO metal ring

Project summary

Project status
Total colour marked
Total sightings
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Ongoing since 2008


Despite being such a common resident and winter visitor on freshwater lakes and reservoirs in Britain and Ireland, much remains to be learnt about the movements of Coot. An understudied and often overlooked species, we started colour-marking Coot in 2008 to learn more about their fascinating movements. Despite rarely seeing Coot fly, they are far from sedentary and are rather nomadic in their movements. Our study hopes to bring about a better understanding of the movements of British Coot, along with collecting information on site fidelity and survival.

Initially our study intended to only catch and ring birds in Northwest England, however since 2013; we have rolled out the study to incorporate other areas in Britain and including Ireland too, 25 BTO ringers now contribute to the catch effort in colour-marking Coot. 

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