Greylag Goose

Lime leg ring, three black characters

letter, letter, letter

White leg ring, three black characters

letter, letter, 6

Orange neck collar, three black characters

letter, letter, letter

All birds also carry a BTO metal ring

Project summary

Project status
Total colour marked
Total sightings

Ongoing since 2013


Initially our work on Greylag Geese started at Windermere in Cumbria where several hundred birds were rounded up during annual moult. The study aimed to bring about a better understanding of where Greylag Geese moulting on Windermere originated from. This aspect of the work has now been completed and published, including providing Britain’s first survival estimate for this population. There is a need to continue improving our knowledge of the demography of British Greylags and so therefore, our colour marking will continue expanding to other areas, along with supporting other projects on this species in Britain.


PDF The use of camera traps to identify individual colour-marked geese at a moulting site

Moult migration, site fidelity and survival of British Greylag Geese Anser anser at Windermere, Cumbria.

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