Send us a sighting

Not sure the ring is from this group?
Check the pages for each study species for a description of the rings we have used, otherwise check

Online data submission – Sightings of our ringed Barnacle Geese, Canada Geese & Black-headed Gulls can now be entered directly to an online database, where you’ll receive instant life histories & a map of movements. See here

Sighting histories – all sightings will be fully acknowledged with a resightings history of the birds reported

If you provide us with an email address we can get in touch with you to provide a sightings history of the bird(s) you have seen, or check things with you if we have a query. We will not pass your details on to anyone outside of the group for the species you have reported.

Species seen

Please choose a species from the list below. These are our current study species for the group.

Where did you see the bird(s)?

Please give a detailed description of the location, ideally as a grid reference or latitude/longitude coordinates, or a shared drop pin from Google Maps.


What bird(s) have you seen?

Please give list of the rings that you have seen for this study species (eg. red FALK, white PH6, blue 2A82 etc.).


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