Results and publications


Brides, K, S. Thorstensen, O. Einarsson, D. Boiko, Æ. Petersen, S.N.V, Augahe, G. McElwaine, A. Degen, B. Laubek, P. Andersen-Harild, M. Helgberg, D. Vangeluwe, J. Nienhuis, M. Wieloch, L. Luigujõe, J. Morkūnas, Y. Bogomolova, I. Bogdanovich, S.W. Petrek, K.A. Wood & E.C. Rees. (2023). Interchange of individuals between two Whooper Swan Cygnus cygnus populations, and its effect on population size estimates. Ringing & Migration. Here.

Brides, K, K.A. Wood, S.W. Petrek, J. Cooper, S.E. Christmas, J. Middleton, K. Leighton & A. Grogan. (2021). Moult migration, site fidelity and survival of British Greylag Geese Anser anser at Windermere, Cumbria. Ringing & Migration 34: 84-94. Here.

Brides, K, J. Middleton, K. Leighton & A. Grogan. (2018). The use of camera traps to identify individual colour-marked geese at a moulting site. Ringing & Migration 3319-22. Here.


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